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Our DJ's



We strive for consistency in performance, playing all of your favourites all night long!


We have a team of 40+ talented DJs who have residencies at and have played for club and venues such as:


Veludo, Seven, Anyway, Grizzly, Whitebar, Vodka Temple, Animal House, Storyville, Uptown, The Emerson, The Hawthorn Hotel, The Harp, Room 680, Cloud Nine, Cushion, Untz Untz, Pawn and Co., Lux, Arcadia, Chasers and The George Snakepit.


We have also provided music at festivals such as: 


Beyond the Valley and Oktoberfest.

Our DJs come fully equipped with professional lighting and speakers systems in order to provide an atmosphere which will undoubtedly turn any party into the best night of the year.

With each holding their own club residency, our DJs are capable in turning any party into the best night of the year!

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